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Supporting microbiology education in schools and colleges

SGM's website  Microbiology Online carries resources and information for microbiology teaching and learning at KS2, KS3, KS4 and post-16 level.

Microbiology Careers

The SGM website [email protected] is packed with information and downloadable resources for microbiologists at all stages of their careers.

Free careers resources

SGM careers resources are available free of charge to university departments, teachers and careers advisers:

  • Microbiologists make a difference (leaflet)
  • Microbiologists make a difference (poster)
  • Your career in microbiology (16 page booklet)

Contact the Careers Office or order online

Promoting microbiology to the general public and schools

Science Communication Factsheets

  • Are you contributing to your employer's National Science Week activities or open days?  
  • Do you struggle to disseminate your results from research council funded projects to the "wider public"?
  • Do you receive invitations to speak to schools or adult groups about your research?
  • Do you need advice about microbiological safety at science communication events?

The External Relations Office has prepared a series of information sheets (available below as PDF files) based on the experience of Liz Sockett (SGM Education Officer 1999 - 2002) and SGM staff.