For Undergraduate Students

The Society has funds from which it makes grants to members for specific purposes. Please consult the full rules before applying for a grant. Details and application forms may be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link below or by contacting the SGM Grants Office. All applications should be submitted to the Grants Office unless otherwise stated.

Vacation Studentships - small awards to enable undergraduates to work on microbiological research projects for 6-8 weeks in the summer vacation before their final year. Applications must be made on behalf of named students by SGM members on the appropriate form.
Closing date 15 February 2008

Elective grants for medical, dental and veterinary science students - small awards to enable medical, dental and veterinary science undergraduates to work on microbiological research projects during their elective periods. Applications are invited from eligible students in medical, dental and veterinary schools in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Closing date: 23 March & 23 September2007

Careers Conference Grants- Small grants to support attendance of UG Members at one of the Life Science Careers Conferences during November / December each year.

Student Society Sponsored Lectures - small grants to cover the travel and other expenses of up to two speakers on microbiological topics each year at student society meetings. Application form necessary.

Last modified 14 September 2007


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