Honorary membership of the Society is conferred on microbiologists who have made a distinguished contribution to the science.

Arbuthnott, Prof Sir John P., BSc PhD ScD FIBiol (joined SGM 1967) [Group Convener (Pathogenicity) 1972-1976, Editor (Journal of General Microbiology) 1980-1983, SGM Council 1981-1985, Treasurer 1987-1992]

Burke, Prof D.C., CBE DL BSc PhD (joined SGM 1963) [Editor (Journal of General Virology) 1971-1975, 1982-1987, Editor-in-Chief (Journal of General Virology) 1980-1982, President 1987-1990]

Clarke, Prof P.H., DSc FRS (joined SGM 1945) [SGM Council 1961-1965, General Secretary 1965-1970]

Datta, Prof N., MD DipBact FRCPath FRS (joined SGM 1952) [SGM Council 1966-1968, 1969-1973]

Duguid, Prof J.P., CBE MD FRCPath (joined SGM 2002)

Fenchel, Prof T.M. (joined SGM 1993)

Guest, Prof J.R., BSc DPhil FRS (joined SGM 1961)

Harrison, Prof B.D., CBE BSc PhD FRSE FRS (joined SGM 1955) [SGM Council 1962-1966, Editor (Journal of General Virology) 1973-1978]

Hopwood, Prof Sir David A., MA PhD DSc FRS (joined SGM 1955) [President 2000-2003]

Meenan, Prof P.N., MD FRCPI FIBiol FRCPath (joined SGM 2002)

Morris, Prof J.G., CBE DPhil FIBiol FRS (joined SGM 1955)

Nurse, Prof Sir Paul, BSc PhD FRS (joined SGM 1989)

Page, Mr J.S., FCA (joined SGM 1982) [Extraordinary Honorary Member]

Pattison, Prof Sir John R., MA DM FRCPath (joined SGM 1976) [Group Convener (Clinical Virology) 1982-1986, SGM Council 1981-1987]

Pennington, Prof T.H., MB BS PhD (joined SGM 1976) [President 2003-2006]

Postgate, Prof J.R., MA DPhil DSc FIBiol FRS (joined SGM 1949) [SGM Council 1966-1970, Editor-in-Chief (Journal of General Microbiology) 1969-1974, President 1984-1987]

Pringle, Prof C.R., BSc PhD (joined SGM 1961) [Editor (Journal of General Virology) 1980-1982, Editor-in-Chief (Journal of General Virology) 1982-1987]

Schlegel, Prof H.G., Dr rer nat (joined SGM 1971)

Skehel, Sir John J., PhD FRS (joined SGM 1973) [SGM Council 1975-1979, Editor (Journal of General Virology 1975-1980]

Smith, Prof H., CBE PhD DSc FIBiol FRCPath FRS (joined SGM 1955) [SGM Council 1960-1964, Meetings Secretary 1964-1968, Treasurer 1968-1975, President 1975-1978]

Sneath, Prof P.H.A., MA MD DSc MRCS LRCP BChir FRS (joined SGM 1955) [Group Convener (Systematics) 1960-1963, SGM Council 1973-1977]

Stern, Prof H., PhD FRCPath (joined SGM 2002)

Stoker, Sir Michael, CBE (joined SGM 1957)

Timbury, Prof M.C., MD PhD FRCP FRCPath FRSE (joined SGM 1962)

Trinci, Prof A.P.J., DSc FIBiol (joined SGM 1965) [SGM Council 1979-1981, Editor (Journal of General Microbiology/Microbiology) 1990-1994, President 1994-1997]

Whittenbury, Prof R., CBE MSc PhD (joined SGM 1960) [SGM Council 1977-1981, President 1981-1984]