Membership subscriptions

Membership subscription rates Jan to Dec 2011
Ordinary Members £57 US$110
Associate Members £25 US$52
Undergraduate Members £10  
School Corporate Members £15  
Corporate Members Tier 1 £350 Tier 2 £500

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Journal Subscriptions

Additional subscriptions for journals (2011, print only)*
   Ordinary Member Associate Member
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology vol. 60 £112 US$220 £52 US$100
Journal of General Virology vol. 91 £112 US$220 £52 US$100
Journal of Medical Microbiology vol. 59 £70 US$140 £52 US$100
Microbiology vol. 156 £112 US$220 £52 US$100
Airmail for Microbiology Today - Add £20 US$36 £20 US$36

*For individual personal use only; not for departmental or library use.