Diseases and treatments - human

That’s funny!’: the discovery and development of penicillin (February 2009)

Antibiotics and Streptomyces: the future of antibiotic discoverys (February 2009)

Look who’s talking! (Antibiotics as signalling molecules) (February 2009)

When good bugs fight bad (February 2009)

Life on us (February 2008)

Skin microbes (February 2008)

S. aureus: a 'superbug' (February 2008)

Microbial life in the mouth (February 2008)

A lifelong commitment to bowel bacteria (February 2008)

Human endogenous retroviruses: from ancestral pathogens to bona fide genes (February 2008)

Interferon: the early days (November 2007)

Viruses and interferon - 50 years on (November 2007)

Chemokines, receptors and virus infection (November 2007)

Gamma interferon and fungal infections (November 2007)

Gamma interferon - key, but not sufficient for protection against TB? (November 2007)

The mycobacteria (May 2007)

Napoleon and typhus: a tale of two generals (February 2007)

The future of vaccines (February 2006) . See also Table 1.

A single-dose, live oral typhoid vaccine: an achievable goal? (February 2006)

Influenza vaccines (February 2006)

Challenging times for malaria vaccines (February 2006)

Advancing DNA vaccine technology (February 2006)

Schoolzone Đ Defending ourselves against microbes (February 2006)

Comment - Clostridium difficile (Nov 2005)

An introduction to viruses and cancer (Aug 2005)

Bacteria in cancer therapy (Aug 2005)

Human papillomaviruses and cancer (Aug 2005)

Nobel microbes define the art of cell division (Aug 2005)

Killer into cure - oncolytic viruses (Aug 2005)

Let it flow but don't let go: saliva and colonization (Feb 2005)

Urinary catheters: ideal sites for the development of biofilm communities (Feb 2005)

Comment: MRSA - national disgrace (Feb 2005)

E. coli O157:H7 - getting to the bottom of the burger bug (August 2004)

E. coli as a cause of outbreaks of diarrhoeal disease in the UK (August 2004)

Antimicrobials - where next? (May 2004)

Antiviral drugs - a short history of their discovery and development (May 2004)

Live and let die - antibacterial resistance (May 2004)

New drugs by manipulating Streptomyces genes (May 2004)

Microbial narcotics (May 2004)

Antimicrobial host defence peptides (May 2004)

Cold rush for drugs - antibiotics from the Antarctic? (May 2004)

Now they eat them, now they don't: phagocytes and Borrelia burgdorferi in Lyme disease (Nov 2003)

Tick-borne relapsing fever in Tanzania (Nov 2003)

Emerging bartonellosis (Nov 2003)

Pilzkrieg: the German wartime quest for penicillin (August 2003)

SARS (August 2003)

SARS coronavirus: in context (August 2003)

Recent trends in sexually transmitted infections in Britain (May 2003)

Bacterial sexually transmitted infections (May 2003)

Chlamydia and fertility (May 2003)

The changing face of HIV infection (May 2003)

Human papilloma virus and cervical cancer (May 2003)

A new pandemic of influenza? (May 2003)

UK government's new strategy to combat disease (Nov 2002)

Drugs against protozoan diseases (Aug 2002)

The MMR triple vaccine - comment (May 2002)

Anthrax and bioterrorism (Feb 2002)

Is there a link between hygiene and allergic disorders? (Nov 2001)

Ulcers and Helicobacter (Nov 2001)

Beyond the grave - understanding human decomposition (Nov 2001)

BSE/vCJD - diagnosis and treatment (Nov 2001)

Acne (Nov 2001)

The microbiological ages of man (Nov 2001)

Herpesvirus - from the cradle to the grave (Nov 2001)

Tuberculosis - the continuing challenge (Aug 2001)

Protozoan parasites in the UK (Feb 2001)

Clinical microbiology - a new golden age? (Feb 2001)

What makes a pathogen? (Feb 2001)

The enemy within - hospital-acquired antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Feb 2001)

Molecular techniques to detect antibiotic resistance (Feb 2001)

Candida and other fungal infections (Feb 2001)

Fungal diseases of the skin (Aug 2000)

Influenza: the changing scene (May 2000)

Problems in the development of new vaccines (May 2000)

The anti-vaccination lobby and child health (May 2000)

Contact lenses and eye infections (May 2000)

The 'clean dirt' hypothesis - hygiene and challenges to the immune system (May 2000)

Electronic noses to detect disease (Feb 2000)

Fighting infection in the 21st century (Feb 2000)

New drugs for the superbugs (Feb 2000)

Where are the new classes of antibiotics and antifungals to come from? (Nov 1999)

Q Fever (Aug 1999)

The nature of TSEs (Nov 2000)

Opportunist pathogens in hospital (Aug 1999)

Gastroenteritis and small, round-structured viruses (Aug 1999)

A European centre for infectious diseases (Feb 1999)

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