Microbes in food and drink -
Food-borne disease and spoilage

Food security, microbiology and research (Aug 2010)

Surveillance of the microbiological quality of imported food by the Health Protection Agency (Aug 2010)

Beware the buffet: noroviruses as a cause of food-borne gastroenteritis (Aug 2010)

PathogenCombat - reducing food-borne disease in Europe (Aug 2010)

Fruits and vegetables that make you sick: what’s going on? (Aug 2007)

Rapid molecular detection of food- and water-borne diseases (Aug 2007)

Probiotics: weapons in the war against gut pathogens (Aug 2007)

'Broken' tulips and Tulip breaking virus (May 2005)

Micro-organisms and the safety and stability of foods: an electronic teaching resource for food microbiology (August 2004)

Food and beverages microbiology - a key to our future health (Feb 2002)

Human gut microbiology - end of the food chain or the start of good health? (Feb 2002)

Campylobacter - reducing the incidence of illness (Feb 2002)

Clostridia and food-borne disease (Feb 2002)

Kitchen hygiene and food-borne infection (May 2000)

Increasing incidence of food-borne disease (Feb 2000)

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