Microbes in industry

An introduction to the actinobacteria (May 2007)

Good, bad, but beautiful: the weird and wonderful actinobacteria (May 2007)

Corynebacteria: the good guys and the bad guys (May 2007)

Making money from microbes (February 2004)

How to fund a new biotechnology venture (February 2004)

Patent strategies for biotechnology companies (February 2004)

Materials Transfer Agreements - 'material' issues (February 2004)

Making money from microbes - case studies (February 2004)

Getting into biobusiness (February 2004)

Biotechnology YES: Being entrepreneurial - hard work, but it can be fun (February 2004)

Sulfate-reducing bacteria in biofilms on metallic materials and corrosion (August 2003)

Biodeterioration can mean business (August 2003)

Microbial polysaccharides in food and cosmetics (May 2002)

Bacterial cells as protein factories (May 2002)

How micro-organisms can be put to work (May 2002)

Microbes in the cosmetics industry (Nov 2001)

Crossing the divide - the academic/industry interface (Aug 2000)

Selection of yeast for beer production (Aug 2000)

Fungi as sources of antibiotics and drugs (Aug 2000)

Bioremediation of solvent waste in the footware industry (Feb 2000)

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