Microbes in normal and extreme environments

Ancient fungal farmers of the insect world (November 2008)

Microbes and oxygen (August 2008)

Life's a gas... and it's hydrogen (August 2008)

Methane: a natural gas (August 2008)

On the microbial gentics of seaside smells (August 2008)

NO laughing matter: the toxic gases of the nitrogen cycle (August 2008)

Space bugs! (May 2008)

Is microbial life on Mars possible? (May 2008)

Antarctica: a last frontier for microbial exploration (May 2008)

Antarctic lichens: life in the freezer (May 2008)

Ship ballast tanks: how microbes travel the world (May 2008)

Life on us (February 2008)

Skin microbes (February 2008)

Microbial life in the mouth (February 2008)

A lifelong commitment to bowel bacteria (February 2008)

Comment: Microbes as climate engineers (February 2008)

The world in miniature: sealed ecosystems (May 2006)

Microbes and climate (Nov 2005)

Microbe-laden aerosols (Nov 2005)

Flying hazards: birds and the spread of disease (Nov 2005)

Clouds of desert dust and microbiology: a mechanism of global dispersion (Nov 2005)

Astrobiology - a useful oxymoron (Nov 2005)

Comment - a microbiologist's view of astrobiology (Aug 2005)

Living together: microbial communities (Feb 2005)

Eavesdropping on bacterial conversations (Feb 2005)

Sugar-coated bacteria: wolves in sheeps' clothing? (Feb 2005)

The Biofilm Club (Feb 2005)

Cold rush for drugs - antibiotics from the Antarctic? (May 2004)

Conservation of monumental stones by bacterial biomineralization (August 2003)

Things that go rot in the night - a review of biodeterioration (August 2003)

A new centre for marine biotechnology (Nov 2002)

Plankton and the ecological cycles of the oceans (Nov 2002)

Phytoplankton blooms (Nov 2002)

Protecting bathing water quality (Nov 2002)

Microbes remove explosives from contaminated land (May 2002)

Bioremediation of metal contamination (May 2002)

Bacteria recover precious metals (May 2002)

Microbes in hot springs, polar zones and salt lakes, and exploiting the enzymes they produce (May 2002)

Archaea - mesophyles with attitude! (Nov 2000)

Viruses - the smallest and most abundant 'life' forms in the oceans (Nov 2000)

Astrobiology - are there microbes in space? (Nov 2000)

Yeasts and moulds in biofilms (Aug 2000)

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