Microbes in history and the future

What manner of man was Alexander Fleming? (February 2009)

A precious memory (of Alexander Fleming) (February 2009)

Comment: Debating creationism (February 2009)

1983: a vintage year for pathogen discovery (November 2008)

Microbes and oxygen (August 2008)

Historical anecdotes (November 2007)

Microbes shaping history (February 2007)

Napoleon and typhus: a tale of two generals (February 2007)

Phytophthora: a blight on Ireland (February 2007)

How two antimicrobials altered the history of the modern world (February 2007)

Vaccination spells the end for a devastating plague (February 2007)

Evolution in action: a virological experiment of long duration (February 2007)

The founders of modern microbiology - the 1891 London Congress of Hygiene and Demography (May 2006)

The fossil hunter, Queen Victoria's doctor and the germ theory of disease (May 2006)

Wartime penicillin still packing a punch (May 2006)

The world in miniature: sealed ecosystems (May 2006)

Comment - Chronicling microbiology (May 2006)

Microbes in the air: John Tyndall and the spontaneous generation debate (Nov 2005)

Two early 'general microbiologists' (Aug 2005)

'Broken' tulips and Tulip breaking virus (May 2005)

Alexander Fleming is interviewed for the 1934 RAE - an amusing account of what might have happened (August 2004)

The history of E. coli K-12 (August 2004)

A strange episode in the history of antibiotics (February 2004)

Pilzkrieg: the German wartime quest for penicillin (August 2003)

Microbiology 50 years ago (Feb 2003)

The smallpox vaccination controversy in the 19th century (Feb 2003)

Childbed fever - the Semmelweiss myth (Nov 2001)

How agar came to be used in the culturing of bacteria (Aug 2001)

Who was the first microbiologist? Microbiology before Pasteur (Feb 2001)

Forgotten microbiology - how 'new' projects ignore past discoveries (Feb 2000)

Microbiology into the new millennium (Feb 2000)

Fighting infection in the 21st century (Feb 2001)

Microbiology at the beginning of a new millennium (Nov 1999)

Was Jenner the pioneer of vaccination - or was it Lady Mary Wortley Montague? (Nov 1999)

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