Weird and wonderful microbes - Bacteria

Antibiotics and Streptomyces: the future of antibiotic discoverys (February 2009)

Look who’s talking! (Antibiotics as signalling molecules) (February 2009)

Bacterial sequences in an invertebrate genome (November 2008)

An inside job: Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus (November 2008)

S. aureus: a 'superbug' (February 2008)

A lifelong commitment to bowel bacteria (February 2008)

Gamma interferon - key, but not sufficient for protection against TB? (November 2007)

An introduction to the actinobacteria (May 2007)

Streptomyces: not just antibiotics (May 2007)

Good, bad, but beautiful: the weird and wonderful actinobacteria (May 2007)

Corynebacteria: the good guys and the bad guys (May 2007)

The mycobacteria (May 2007)

Species (November 2006)

Taxonomic parameters revisited: tarnished gold standards (November 2006)

Investigating a bacterial killer using atomic force microscopy (August 2006)

Bacterial swarming: a tale of physics and genetics (May 2006)

Bacteria in cancer therapy (Aug 2005)

Bugs within bugs: symbiotic bacteria in garden insects (May 2005)

Soil microbes and the war on garden weeds (May 2005)

Bacterial populations adapt (November 2004)

Catabolic plasmids: fast-track bacterial evolution (November 2004)

Escherichia coli: model and menace (August 2004)

The history of E. coli K-12 (August 2004)

Now they eat them, now they don't: phagocytes and Borrelia burgdorferi in Lyme disease (Nov 2003)

Tick-borne relapsing fever in Tanzania (Nov 2003)

Emerging bartonellosis (Nov 2003)

How bacteria exchange genetic material (May 2003)

Luminous marine bacteria make fish glow (Nov 2002)

New light on microbial phototrophs (Aug 2001)

Purple and green sulphur bacteria (Aug 2001)

Light-harvesting by purple bacteria (Aug 2001)

Cyanobacteria - ecology, adaptation and genomics (Aug 2001)

How do cyanobacteria glide? (Aug 2001)

Nanobacteria - miniature organisms or myth? (Nov 2000)

Unculturable bacteria - the iceberg of biodiversity? (Nov 2000)

How do molecules cross bacterial membranes? (May 1999)

Back to the basics of bacterial classification? (May 1999)

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