Microbial genes, genomics and evolution

Comment: Debating creationism (February 2009)

Bacterial sequences in an invertebrate genome (November 2008)

On the microbial gentics of seaside smells (August 2008)

Why every protist needs a barcode (February 2007)

Disentangling the trails of evolution (November 2006)

Species (November 2006)

Taxonomic parameters revisited: tarnished gold standards (November 2006)

Virus systematics: taxonomy for the tiny (November 2006)

Microbial evolution in action (November 2004)

Bacterial populations adapt (November 2004)

RNA viruses - evolution in action (November 2004)

The evolution of antifungal resistance (November 2004)

Catabolic plasmids: fast-track bacterial evolution (November 2004)

Serial endosymbiotic theory (SET) and composite individuality (November 2004)

Comparative genomics of E. coli (August 2004)

Structural pathogenomics (May 2004)

How bacteria exchange genetic material (May 2003)

Progress in sequencing microbial genomes (Feb 2003)

Bioinformatics and sequencing tools (Feb 2003)

From bases to megabases - 50 years of progress since Watson and Crick's double helix (Feb 2003)

DNA repair in bacteria (Feb 2003)

Gene therapy using viruses (Feb 2003)

DNA repair (Aug 2002)

Transposons - mobile genes (Nov 2000)

Yeast genetics and genomics (Aug 2000)

Discovery of the bacterial taxonomy gene -
a report from the 2025 meeting of the ASM (Feb 2000)

Horizontal transfer of genes in bacteria (Nov 1999)

Genomics and informatics for microbiologists - an overview (Nov 1999)

Genomic analysis methods (Nov 1999)

What sequence homology tells us about the origins and functions of virus genes (Nov 1999)

Genomics, phylogenetics and epidemiology (Nov 1999)

Genomic landscapes - how to make DNA walk and climb mountains! (Nov 1999)

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