Microbiology techniques and resources

Comment: Scotoma in contemporary microbiology (November 2008)

Why every protist needs a barcode (February 2007)

Fluorescence microscopy as a research tool in bacterial cell biology (August 2006)

Investigating a bacterial killer using atomic force microscopy (August 2006)

Studying single molecules in microbial systems (August 2006)

Can you see the light? - Simple and affordable steps to exploit recent advances in fluorescence imaging (August 2006)

Henry Baker: author of the first microscopy laboratory manual (August 2006)

Schoolzone - Under the microscope (August 2006)

The use of E. coli as a tool in applied and environmental investigations (August 2004)

The UK National Culture Collections (Aug 1999)

Microscopes and the microbiologist (May 1999)

Atomic force microscopes (May 1999)

Cryo-electron microscopy (May 1999)

X-ray crystallography of viruses (May 1999)

Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of E. coli pathogenesis (May 1999)

What Raman spectroscopy can tell the microbial ecologist (May 1999)

Shipping cultures of micro-organisms - the law (Feb 1999)

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