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Report on 50th Annual Conference of the Association of Microbiologists Of India (AMI), National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
(December 15-18, 2009)

This meeting the “Third Golden Era of Microbiology” was jointly organized by the Association of Microbiologists of India (Pune Unit), National Chemical
Laboratory (Pune) and the Department of Microbiology, University of Pune.

The organizing Secretary was Dr. M.V. (Mukund) Deshpande of NCL (Pune).  Of the 1000 plus attendees, and 68  invited speakers 15 speakers were from overseas, and there were three speakers from the UK, Professor Charles Cockell (Open University, Milton Keynes), Professor Colin Murrell (Warwick University) and the present reporter.

Plenary speakers for the first special session  Frontiers in Microbiology were David Lloyd (Clocks in Yeast), Douglas E. Eveleigh, Rutgers University. New Brunswick, NJ. (Trichoderma cellulases), R. Prasad, Jawaharlal  Nehru University. New Delhi (Multidrug resistance in Fungi), and Bo Mattiasson, Lund University (Super-porous material for immobilization). Other special sessions were: Space Microbiology-clues to the Origin of Life, Molecular Mechanisms of Human Diseases, Industry - Academia Interaction in Education and Research and Microbial Ecology.

Speaker at Microbiology Conference, Pune
Prof. Douglas Eveleigh
invited speaker from Rutgers University NJ

Parallel sessions were : Interface of Microbiology with Physical Sciences, Fungal Biotechnology, Microbes as Green Catalysts, Microbes in Human and Animal Health, Microbial Metabolites, Microbes in Agriculture, Mircobes in Food and Fermentation, Microbes for Clean Environment and Microbial Proteomics and Genomics.

Delegates at AMI 2009
Delegates at the National Chemical Laboratory

The excellent state of the Association and of Microbiology in India as a whole was evident from the energy and enthusiasm of the audiences in the packed lecture halls, and the highly animated discussions around the 600 posters. Most of the latter presentations were by MSc and PhD students whose diligence, care and thoughtful interpretation of data was exemplary.  The future of the subject in the Institutes and Universities of the Subcontinent looks bright, with so many young enthusiasts entering the Profession in burgeoning medical, veterinary, industrial, agricultural and academic opportunities.

Professor David Lloyd
University of Cardiff