Protein Expression Technologies: Current Status and Future Trends

F. Baneyx, Ed.

Horizon Bioscience (2004)

This book covers an often neglected, however integral, aspect of the biotechnology sector. The book outlines various prokaryotic and eukaryotic methodologies that could be adopted to enhance and optimize protein production. Each chapter includes a concise introduction that leads the reader into the practical approaches of the various subjects covered. The figures and tables are clearly presented and well defined. Furthermore, if greater detail is required, the comprehensive and up-to-date reference list allows further specifics to be obtained. This overall layout means that the chapters flow well, without hindering understanding with excessive minutiae. Consequently, the book is suitable for both postgraduate and postdoctoral research scientists. The book will prove to be extremely useful in any molecular biology lab.

Andy Walker, University of Cambridge

US$180.00£90.00pp. 532ISBN: 0-9545232-5-3