Medical Microbiology: A Short Course

Ellen Jo Baron, Robert S. Chang, Dexter H. Howard, James N. Miller, Jerrold A.Turner            John Wiley and Sons Ltd (1994)

This book is over 1000 pages and contains self-assessment exercises, a substantial index (valuable) and a short glossary. The balance between major disciplines is generally appropriate (parasitology is given greater emphasis in U.S.). It is difficult to identify a target audience. It is arguably too large for many U.K. undergraduate courses; a possible option for a taught Msc. The overall approach is very organism centred - disease mechanisms are adequately covered, but few clinical details included. Chapter organisation is unusual and not to my taste. Bacterial nomenclature is up to date. In parts, notably virology, it is grammatically error prone. Useful institutional purchase.

David J Platt, Glasgow

£ 34.95 pp.1057ISBN: 0-471-56728-0