Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

A.D. Smith, S.P. Datta, G. Howard Smith, P.N. Campbell, R. Bentley & H.A. McKenzie, Eds

Oxford University Press (1997)

This easy-to-browse, well-cross-referenced dictionary provides a wealth of useful and interesting information. In amongst the standard entries are structural chemical diagrams, biochemical equations, database codes for proteins and brief biographical details of famous biochemists. Five appendices give additional information, from the traditional lists of Greek characters and restriction enzymes to a section on bioinformatics and even an unashamedly basic introduction to the Internet, including useful web addresses. So, if you want to know the active ingredient of henna, are wondering what a snurp is, are interested in the primary translation products of HIV-1 or vaccines against hepatitis viruses (although this book does not pretend to contain an exhaustive list of virus names), are dying to know when Leonor Michaelis was born, need to know the basics of flow cytometry, or simply need to look up an unfamiliar term, perhaps this is the book for you.

Deborah Ollman, JGV Editorial Office

£34.95pp. 752ISBN: 0-19-854768-4