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SGM book reviews - Disease and microbial infection

K.A. Brogden, F.C. Minion, N. Cornick, T.B. Stanton, Q. Zhang, L.K. Nolan & M.J. Wannemuehler, Eds  Virulence Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogens, 4th edn American Society for Microbiology (2007)

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V. Smith  Clean: A History of Personal Hygiene and Purity Oxford University Press (2007)

Institute of Medicine and National Research Council  Globalization, Biosecurity and the Future of the Life Sciences National Academies Press (2006)

William Dundon  Malicious Microbes Bacterial Infections Explained Authors OnLine Ltd (2007)

B.A. McCormick, Ed.  Bacterial-Epithelial Cell Cross- talk: Molecular Mechanisms in Pathogenesis Cambridge University Press (2006)

J.D. Ernst & O. Stendahl, Eds  Phagocytosis of Bacteria and Bacterial Pathogenicity Cambridge University Press (2006)

Novartis Foundation  New Treatment Strategies for Dengue and other Flaviviral Diseases John Wiley & Sons Limited (2006)

R.J. Lamont, R.A. Burne, M.S. Lantz, & D.J. LeBlanc, Eds  Oral Microbiology and Immunology American Society for Microbiology (2006)

Irwin W. Sherman  The Power of Plagues American Society for Microbiology (2006)

J.D Radolf & S.A. Lukehart, Eds  Pathogenic Treponema Molecular and Cellular Biology Caister Academic Press (2006)

D. Sturchler  Exposure: A Guide to Sources of Infections American Society for Microbiology (2006)

A.M. Dannenberg  Pathogenesis of Human Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Insights from the Rabbit Model American Society for Microbiology (2006)

V.L. Chan, P.M. Sherman & B. Bourke, Eds  Bacterial Genomes and Infectious Diseases Humana Press (2006)

W.M. Scheld, D.C. Hooper & J.M. Hughes, Eds  Emerging Infections 7 American Society for Microbiology (2006)

R.P. Anderson  Outbreak: Cases in Real-world Microbiology American Society for Microbiology (2006)

A.M. Kimball  Risky Trade Infectious Disease in the Era of Global Trade Ashgate Publishing Ltd (2006)

T. Häusler  Viruses VS. Superbugs A solution to the Antibiotics Crisis? Macmillan Science (2006)

P.J. Lachmann & M.B.A. Oldstone, Eds  Microbial Subversion of Immunity: Current Topics Horizon Bioscience / Horizon Scientific Press Ltd (2006)

Y. Kawaoka, Ed.  Influenza Virology Current Topics Caister Academic Press (2006)

A. Schudel & M. Lombard, Eds  OIE/FAO International Scientific Conference on Avian Influenza S. Karger AG (2006)

P. Mastroeni & D. Maskell, Eds  Salmonella Infections Clinical, Immunological and Molecular Aspects Cambridge University Press (2006)

A.D. Badley, Ed.  Cell Death during HIV Infection CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group (2005)

J.R Swearengen, Ed.  Biodefense Research Methodology and Animal Models CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group (2005)

J.L Pace, M. Rupp & R.G Finch, Eds  Biofilms, Infection, and Antimicrobial Therapy CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group (2005)

M. Griffiths, Ed.  Understanding Pathogen Behaviour Virulence, Stress Response, and Resistance Taylor & Francis Group (2005)

I.W. Sherman, Ed.  Molecular Approaches to Malaria American Society for Microbiology (2005)

T. Proft, Ed.  Microbial Toxins: Molecular and Cellular BiologyHorizon Bioscience (2005)

R. F. Pilch & R. A. Zilinskas, Eds  Encyclopedia of Bioterrorism DefenseJohn Wiley & Sons Limited (2005)

S.T. Butera, Ed.  HIV Chemotherapy: A Critical ReviewHorizon Bioscience/Horizon Scientific Press Ltd (2005)

S.T. Cole, K.D. Eisenach, D.N. McMurray & W.R. Jacobs, Jr, Eds  Tuberculosis and the Tubercle BacillusAmerican Society for Microbiology (2004)

J.L. Goodman, D.T. Dennis & D.E. Sonenshine, Eds  Tick-Borne Diseases of HumansAmerican Society for Microbiology (2005)

M.G. Sargent  Biomedicine and the Human Condition: Challenges, Risks and RewardsCambridge University Press (2005)

G. Waksman, M. Caparon & S. Hultgren, Eds  Structural Biology of Bacterial PathogenesisAmerican Society for Microbiology (2005)

P. N. Acha & B. Szyfres  Zoonoses and Communicable Diseases Common to Man and Animals, 3rd edition. Vol I. Bacterioses and Mycoses. Vol. II. Chlamydioses, Rickettsioses, and Viroses. Vol. III. ParasitosesPan American Health Organization (2005)

E.J. Bottone  An Atlas of the Clinical Microbiology of Infectious DiseasesCRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group (2004)

A. Lax, Ed.  Bacterial Protein Toxins: Role in the Interference with Cell Growth RegulationCambridge University Press (2005)

M.S. Bronze & R.A. Greenfield, Eds  Biodefense: Principles and PathogensHorizon Bioscience / Horizon Scientific Press Ltd (2005)

J.M. Walker & R. Rapley, Eds  Medical Biomethods HandbookHumana Press (2005)

J.L.L. Kimpen & O. Ramilo, Eds  The Microbe-Host Interface in Respiratory Tract InfectionsHorizon Bioscience / Horizon Scientific Press Ltd (2004)

J.P. Nataro, P.S. Cohen, H.L.T. Mobley & J.N. Weiser, Eds  Colonization of Mucosal SurfacesAmerican Society for Microbiology (2005)

J.M. Ketley & M.E. Konkel, Eds  Campylobacter: Molecular and Cellular BiologyHorizon Bioscience (2005)

M.M. Nakano & P. Zuber, Eds  Strict and Facultative Anaerobes: Medical and Environmental AspectsHorizon Bioscience (2004)

I. Ignacio López-Goñi and Ignacio Moriyón, Eds  Brucella: Molecular and Cellular BiologyHorizon Bioscience (2004)

E. Carniel & B.J. Hinnebusch, Eds  Yersinia: Molecular and Cellular BiologyHorizon Bioscience (2004)

D. Allsopp, K. Seal & C. Gaylarde  Introduction to Biodeterioration: Second EditionCambridge University Press (2004)

G.L. Mandell, J.E. Bennett & R. Dolin  Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases Online: Sixth Edition (CD-ROM)Churchill Livingstone/ Elsevier Science Ltd (2005)

M. Wilson  Microbial Inhabitants of Humans:
Their Ecology and Role in Health and Disease
Cambridge University Press (2005)

F. Davison & V. Nair, Eds  Marek's Disease: An Evolving Problem. Biology of Animal Infections SeriesElsevier Academic Press (2004)

R. Stanwell-Smith & S. Bloomfield  The Hygiene Hypothesis and Implications for Home Hygiene. A Report Commissioned by The International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH)Nexthealth (2004)

J.S. Heelan  Cases in Human ParasitologyAmerican Society for Microbiology (2004)

P. Cossart, P. Boquet, S. Normark & R. Rappuoli, Eds  Cellular Microbiology, Second EditionAmerican Society for Microbiology Press (2004)

P.E. Digard, A.A. Nash & R.E. Randall, Eds  Molecular Pathogenesis of Virus Infections. SGM Symposium Volume 64Cambridge University Press (2005)

J.F.T. Spencer & A.L. Ragout de Spencer, Eds  Public Health Microbiology. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 268Humana Press (2004)

L.W. Reilly  Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases: Principles and Practices.American Society for Microbiology (2004)

F. Sobrino & E. Domingo, Eds  Foot and Mouth Disease: Current PerspectivesHorizon Bioscience (2004)

K.R. Dronamraju, Ed.  Infectious Disease and Host-Pathogen EvolutionCambridge University Press (2004)

D.J. Richardson & P.J. Krause, Eds  North American Parasitic Zoonoses. World Class Parasites: Volume 6Kluwer Academic (2003)

K.M. Tyler & M.A. Miles, Eds  American Trypanosomiasis. World Class Parasites: Volume 7Kluwer Academic (2003)

W.M. Scheld, B.E. Murray & J.M. Hughes, Eds  Emerging Infections 6American Society for Microbiology (2004)

S.H. Gillespie, Ed.  Management of Multiple Drug-Resistant InfectionsHumana Press (2004)

F. Brown & J.A. Roth, Eds  Vaccines for OIE List A and Emerging Animal Diseases. Developments in Biologicals, Vol. 114Karger (2003)

S.C. Clarke  Modern Medical Microbiology: The FundamentalsArnold (2003)

M. Wilson & D. Devine, Eds  Medical Implications of BiofilmsCambridge University Press (2003)

S.H. Gillespie, G.L. Smith & A. Osbourn, Eds  Microbe-Vector Interactions in Vector-borne Diseases. SGM Symposium Volume 63Cambordge University Press (2004)

C.L. Greenblatt & M. Spigelman, Eds  Emerging Pathogens: The Archaeology, Ecology and Evolution of Infectious DiseaseOxford University Press (2003)

L.S. Schlesinger & L.E. DesJardin, Eds  Tuberculosis: The Microbe Host InterfaceHorizon Scientific Press (2003)

A.R. Hauser & J. Rello, Eds  Severe Infections Caused By Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Perspectives On Critical Care Infectious Diseases, Vol. 7 Kluwer Academic (2003)

R.T.D. Emond, P.D. Welsby & H.A.K. Rowland  Colour Atlas of Infectious Diseases, Fourth Edition Mosby/Elsevier (2003)

C.A. Needham & R. Canning  Global Disease Eradication: The Race for the Last Child American Society for Microbiology (2003)

D.L. Boros, Ed.  Granulomatous Infections and Inflammations: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms American Society for Microbiology (2003)

D. Philpott & F. Ebel, Eds  E. coli: Shiga Toxin Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Medicine, Vol. 73 Humana Press (2002)

M. Kotb & T. Calandra, Eds  Cytokines and Chemokines in Infectious Diseases Handbook. Infectious Disease Series Humana Press (2003)

D. Philpott & F. Ebel, Eds  E. coli: Shiga Toxin Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Medicine, Vol. 73. Humana Press (2002)

M. Kotb & T. Calandra, Eds  Cytokines and Chemokines in Infectious Diseases Handbook. Infectious Diseases Series Humana Press (2003)

H. Herwald, Ed.  Host Response Mechanisms in Infectious Diseases. Contributions to Microbiology, Vol. 10 Karger (2003)

W.M. Scheld, W.A. Craig & J.M. Hughes, Eds  Emerging Infections, Vol. 5 American Society for Microbiology (2001)

S.A. Morse, R.C. Ballard, K.K. Holmes & A.A. Moreland, Eds  Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS, Third Edition Mosby/Elsevier Science (2003)

M. Greaves  Cancer: the Evolutionary LegacyOxford University Press (2001)

T.M. Koehler, Ed.  Anthrax. Current topics in Microbiology and Immunology, Vol. 271Springer (2002)

M.S. Donnenberg, Ed.  Escherichia coli: Virulence Mechanisms of a Versatile PathogenAcademic Press (2002)

J. Hacker & J. Heesemann, Eds  Molecular Infection Biology: Interactions Between Microorganisms and CellsJohn Wiley & Sons (2002)

D. Tyrrell & M. Fielder  Cold Wars: The Fight Against the Common ColdOxford University Press (2002)

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