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SGM book reviews - Food and water

A.K. Chauhan, H. Kharkwal & A. Varma, Eds  Microbes for Human Life Anshan (2007)

C.J. Doona & F.E. Feeherry, Eds  High Pressure Processing of Foods Blackwell Publishing (2007)

B.M. Lund & P.R. Hunter, Eds  The Microbiological Safety of Food in Healthcare Settings Blackwell Publishing (2007)

F. Toldra, Ed.  Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry Blackwell Publishing (2007)

G.S. Tucker, Ed.  Food Biodeterioration and Preservation Blackwell Publishing (2007)

L. Nollet & F. Toldra, Eds  Advances in Food Diagnostics Blackwell Publishing (2007)

E. T. Ryser & E. H. Marth, Eds  Listeria, Listeriosis, and Food Safety, 3rd edn CRC Press / Thomson Publishing (2007)

M.P. Doyle & L.R. Beuchat, Eds  Food Microbiology: Fundamentals and Frontiers, Third Edition American Society for Microbiology (2007)

G. Mead  Microbiological Analysis of Red Meat, Poultry and Eggs Woodhead Publishing Limited (2006)

P. Entis  Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives American Society for Microbiology (2007)

H.P. Blaschek, H.H. Wang & M. Agle, Eds  Biofilms in the Food Environment Blackwell Publishing (2007)

C.H. Sommers & X. Fan, Eds  Food Irradiation Research and Technology Blackwell Publishing (2006)

J.W. Santo Domingo & M.J. Sadowsky, Eds  Microbial Source Tracking American Society for Microbiology (2006)

A. Mendez-Vilas, Ed.  Modern Multidisciplinary Applied Microbiology Exploiting Microbes and their Interactions Wiley - VCH (2006)

S. Brul, S. van Gerwen & M. Zwietering, Eds  Modelling Micro-organisms in Food Woodhead Publishing (2007)

R.M. Atlas  Handbook of Microbiological Media for the Examination of Food, 2nd Edition CRC Press/ITPS (2006)

M. Peleg  Advanced Quantitative Microbiology for Foods and Biosystems Models for Predicting Growth and Inactivation CRC Press/ITPS (2006)

H.L.M. Lelieveld, M.A. Mostert & J. Holah, Eds  Handbook of Hygiene Control in the Food Industry CRC Press/ITPS (2006)

A. Tamime, Ed.  Probiotic Dairy Products Blackwell Publishing (2005)

R.C. Chandan, A. Kilara, C.H. White & Y.H. Hui, Eds  Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks Blackwell Publishing (2006)

R.W. Hutkins  Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods Blackwell Publishing (2006)

A.C. Ouwehand & E.E. Vaughan  Gastrointestinal Microbiology CRC Press / ITPS (2006)

C. de W. Blackburn, Ed.  Food Spoilage Micro-organisms Woodhead Publishing Limited (2006)

Y. Motarjemi & M. Adams, Eds  Emerging Foodborne Pathogens Woodhead Publishing Limited (2006)

I. Goktepe, V.K. Juneja & M. Ahmedna, Eds  Probiotics in Food Safety and Human Health CRC Press/ITPS (2005)

K.R. Matthew, Ed.  Microbiology of Fresh Produce American Society for Microbiology (2005)

H.K. Abbas, Ed.  Aflatoxin and Food Safety CRC Press/ITPS (2005)

G.W. Tannock, Ed.  Probiotics and Prebiotics: Scientific Aspects Horizon Bioscience/Horizon Scientific Press Ltd (2005)

P.M. Fratamico, A.K. Bhunia & J.L. Smith, Eds  Foodborne Pathogens: Microbiology and Molecular Biology Horizon Bioscience/Horizon Scientific Press Ltd (2005)

C. Bell & A. Kyriakides  Listeria: A Practical Approach to the Organism and its Control in Foods, 2nd edn Blackwell Publishing (2005)

C. Bell, P. Neaves & A.P. Williams  Food Microbiology and Laboratory Practice Blackwell Publishing (2005)

C.W. Bamforth  Food, Fermentation and Micro-organisms Blackwell Publishing (2005)

G.C. Mead, Ed.  Food Safety Control in the Poultry Industry Taylor & Francis Group (2005)

H. Schubert & M. Regier, Eds  The Microwave Processing of Foods Taylor & Francis Group (2005)

C.C. Adley, Ed.  Food-borne Pathogens: Methods and Protocols Humana Press (2005)

G.M. Sapers, J.R. Gorny & A.E. Yousef, Eds  Microbiology of Fruits and Vegetables CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group (2005)

International Food Information Service  Dictionary of Food Science and Technology Blackwell Publishing (2005)

L. McLandsborough  Food Microbiology LaboratoryTaylor & Francis Group (2005)

P.M. Davidson, J.N. Sofos & A.L. Branen, Eds  Antimicrobials in Food, 3rd ednTaylor & Francis Group (2005)

B.A. Rasco & G.E. Bledsoe  Bioterrorism and Food SafetyTaylor & Francis Group (2005)

T.J. Montville & K.R. Matthews  Food Microbiology: An IntroductionAmerican Society for Microbiology Press (2004)

D. Sigee  Freshwater Microbiology: Biodiversity and Dynamic Interactions of
Microorganisms in the Aquatic Environment
John Wiley & Sons Limited (2004)

Farid E. Ahmed, Ed.  Testing of Genetically Modified Organisms in FoodFood Products Press/The Haworth Press (2004)

K.D. Karpa  Bacteria for Breakfast: Probiotics for Good HealthTrafford Publishing (Canada) (Distributed by Prentice Publishing, Ilford IG5 0WN, UK)(2003)

L. Curtis & R. Lawley (revised)  Micro-Facts: The Working Companion for Food Microbiologists. Fifth EditionRoyal Society of Chemistry (2003)

T. Hugh Pennington  When Food Kills: BSE, E. coli and Disaster ScienceOxford University Press (2003)

J.P.F. D'Mello, Ed.  Food Safety: Contaminants and ToxinsCABI Publishing (2003)

B.A. Dehority  Rumen Microbiology Nottingham University Press (2003)

T. Altug  Introduction to Toxicology and Food CRC Press (2002)

L. Leistner & G.W. Gould  Hurdle Technologies: Combination Treatments for Food Stability, Safety and Quality. Food Engineering Series Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers (2002)

G.W.Tannock, Ed.  Probiotics and Prebiotics: Where Are We Going? Caister Academic Press (2002)

The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF)  Microorganisms in Foods 7: Microbiological Testing in Food Safety Management Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers (2002)

H. Roginski, J.W. Fuquay & P.F. Fox, Eds  Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences (4-volume set)Academic Press (2002)

M.H. Gerardi  Settleability Problems and Loss of Solids in the Activated Sludge ProcessWiley Interscience - John Wiley & Sons (2002)

S.J. Forsythe  The Microbiological Risk Assessment of FoodBlackwell Science (2002)

N.A.M. Eskin & D.S. Robinson, Eds  Food Shelf Life Stability: Chemical, Biochemical, and Microbiological ChangesCRC Press (2001)

P. Loaharanu & P. Thomas, Eds Irradiation for Food Safety and Quality Technomic (2001)

M.R. Adams & M.J.R. Nout Fermentation and Food Safety Aspen Publishers (Kluwer Academic) (2001)

G.V. Barbosa-Cánovas, Q.H. Zhang & G. Tabilo-Munizaga  Pulsed Electric Fields in Food Processing: Fundamental Aspects and Applications. Food Preservation Technology SeriesTechnomic Publishing Co. Inc. (2001)

R.E. Martin, E.P. Carter, G.J. Flick, Jr & L.M. Davis, Eds  Marine and Freshwater Products HandbookTechnomic (2000)

J.F.T. Spencer & A.L. Ragout de Spencer, Eds  Food Microbiology Protocols. Methods in Biotechnology, Vol. 14Humana Press (2000)

M.P. Doyle, L.R. Beuchat & T.J. Montville, Eds  Food Microbiology: Fundamentals and Frontiers, 2nd EditionASM Press (2001)

G.V. Barbosa-Cánovas & G.W. Gould, Eds  Innovations in Food Processing. Food Preservation Technology Series (TEC 416)Technomic Publishing Co. Inc. D/B ATP Ltd, Hitchin, Herts SG4 0SX (2000)

C. Bell & A. Kyriakides  Clostridium botulinum: A Practical Approach to the Organism and its Control in Foods. Practical Food Microbiology SeriesBlackwell Science (2000)

J. Postgate   Lethal Lozenges and Tainted Tea: John Postgate and the Crusade for Safe FoodBrewin Books (2001)

Y.H. Roos, R.B. Leslie and P.J. Lillford, Eds   Water Management in the Design and Distribution of Quality FoodsTechnomic Publishing Co. Inc. (1999)

G. Bitton   Wastewater Microbiology, Second Edition Wiley-Liss (1999)

M.R. Adams & M.O. Moss   Food Microbiology, Second Edition Royal Society of Chemistry (2000)

L.M. Botana, Ed.   Seafood and Freshwater Toxins: Pharmacology, Physiology and Detection. Food Science and Technology Series, Vol. 103 Marcel Dekker Inc (2000)

S.L. Percival, J.T. Walker & P.R. Hunter   Microbiological Aspects of Biofilms and Drinking Water. The Microbiology of Extreme and Unusual Environments Series CRC Press (2000)

G. Gibson & F. Angus, Eds  Ingredients Handbook: Prebiotics and Probiotics Leatherhead Food Research Association (2000)

R.K. Robinson, C.A. Batt & P.D. Patel, Eds  Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology Academic Press (2000)

D. Watson, Ed.  Natural Toxicants in Food. Sheffield Food Technology, Vol. 2 Sheffield Academic Press (1998)

J.W. Cary, J.E. Linz & D. Bhatnagar, Eds  Microbial Foodborne Diseases. Mechanisms of Pathogenesis and Toxin Synthesis Technomic Publishing Co Inc. (2000)

C.S. Stewart and H.J. Flint, Eds  Escherichia coli O157 in Farm Animals CABI Publishing (1999)

G.W. Tannock, Ed.  Probiotics. A Critical Review Horizon Scientific Press (1999)

D.A.G. Senior and P. Ashurst, Eds  Technology of Bottled Water. Sheffield Food Technology, Vol. 3 Sheffield Academic Press (1998)

International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF)  Micro-organisms in Foods, Vol. 6: Microbial Ecology of Food Commodities Blackie A and P (1997)

O.-R. Kaaden, C.-P. Czerny and W. Eichhorn, Eds  Viral Zoonoses and Food of Animal Origin. A Re-Evaluation of Possible Hazards for Human Health Springer-Verlag GmbH and Co. KG (1997)

D.W. Sutcliffe (1997) The Microbiological Quality of Water  The Freshwater Biological Association

Sponsored by The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods of the International Union of Biological Societies (1996) Micro-organisms in Foods, Vol. 5.  Blackie Academic & Professional

World Health Organization (1996) Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality  distr. Microinfo Ltd

Adrian R. Eley (1996) Microbial Food Poisoning  Chapman & Hall

Lauren S. Jackson, Jonathan W. DeVries & Lloyd B. Bullerman (1996) Fumonisins in Food  Plenum Publishing Corporation

D. A. A. Mossel, J. E. L. Corry, C. B. Struijk & R. M. Baird (1995) Essentials of the Microbiology of Foods  John Wiley & Sons Limited

G. Reed & T.W. Nagodawithana, Eds (1995) Biotechnology, Second, Completely Revised Edition  VCH VmbH

C.H. Campbell-Platt and P.E. Cook (1994) Fermented Meats Blackie Academic and Professional

V.M. Dillon and R.G. Board (1994) Natural Antimicrobial Systems and Food Preservation CAB International

M.R. Adams and M.O. Moss (1995) Food Microbiology The Royal Society of Chemistry

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