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SGM book reviews - Fungi

J.M. Cregg, Ed.  Pichia Protocols, 2nd edn Humana Press (2007)

K. Kavanagh, Ed.  Medical Mycology Cellular and Molecular Techniques John Wiley & Sons Limited (2007)

G.L. Barron  MycoAlbum CD Introductory Mycology Laboratory Review Mycographics (2006)

J. Heitman, J.W. Kronstad, J.W. Taylor & L.A. Casselton, Eds  Sex in Fungi: Molecular Determination and Evolutionary Implications American Society for Microbiology (2007)

G.D. Robson, P. van West & G.M. Gadd, Eds  Exploitation of Fungi Cambridge University Press (2007)

J. Webster & R.W.S. Weber  Introduction to Fungi Cambridge University Press (2007)

W.G. Merz & R.J. Hay, Eds  Medical Mycology Hodder Arnold Education (2007)

G.M. Gadd, S.C. Watkinson & P.S. Dyer, Eds  Fungi in the Environment Cambridge University Press (2007)

H. D. Madhani  From a to α: Yeast as a Model for Cellular Differentiation Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2007)

C. d'Enfert & B. Hube, Eds  Candida Comparative and Functional Genomics Caister Academic Press (2007)

John Webster  Mycology, Volume 1 (DVD) IWF Wissen und Medien GmbH (2006)

C. Boulton & D. Quain  Brewing Yeast and Fermentation Blackwell Publishing (2006)

G. Gadd, Ed.  Fungi in Biogeochemical Cycles Cambridge University Press (2006)

C. Rosa & G. Peter, Eds  Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (2006)

F. Dugan  The Identification of Fungi American Phytopathological Society Press (2006)

P. Linder, D. Shore & M.N. Hall, Eds  Landmark Papers in Yeast Biology Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2006)

A.E. Desjardins  Fusarium Mycotoxins: Chemistry, Genetics and Biology American Phytopathological Society Press (2005)

W. Xiao, Ed.  Yeast Protocols, 2nd edn Humana Press (2005)

P.G. Ayres  Harry Marshall Ward and The Fungal Thread of Death American Phytopathological Society Press (2005)

R. Maheshwari  Fungi: Experimental Methods in BiologyTaylor & Francis Group (2005)

J. Dighton, J.F. White Jr & P. Oudemans, Eds  The Fungal Community: Its Organization and Role in the Ecosystem, 3rd ednTaylor & Francis Group (2005)

Z. An, Ed.  Handbook of Industrial MycologyTaylor & Francis Group (2005)

D.C. Amberg, D.J. Burke & J.N. Strathern  Methods in Yeast Genetics 2005 EditionCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2005)

E.J. Ernst & P.D. Rogers, Eds  Antifungal Agents: Methods and ProtocolsHumana Press (2005)

J. Deacon  Fungal Biology Fourth EditionBlackwell Publishing (2005)

M.H. Pei & A.R. McCracken, Eds  Rust Diseases of Willow and PoplarCABI Publishing (2005)

Z.K. Punja, Ed.  Fungal Disease Resistance in Plants: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetic EngineeringThe Haworth Press (2004)

J.R. Dickinson & M. Schweizer, Eds  The Metabolism and Molecular Physiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Second EditionCRC Press (2004)

G. San-Blas & R.A. Calderone, Eds  Pathogenic Fungi (1, Structural Biology and Taxonomy; 2, Host Interactions and Emerging Strategies for Control)Caister Academic Press (2004)

R.L. Peterson, H.B. Massicotte & L.H. Melville  Mycorrhizas: Anatomy and Cell BiologyCABI Publishing (2004)

G.H. Boerema, J. de Gruyter, M.E. Noordeloos & M.E.C. Hamers  Phoma Identification Manual: Differentiation of Specific and Infra-specific Taxa in CultureCABI Publishing (2004)

N.P. Money  Carpet Monsters and Killer Spores: A Natural History of Toxic MoldOxford University Press (2004)

D.K. Arora, Ed.  1. Handbook of Fungal Biotechnology, Second Edition. Mycology Series, Vol. 20. 2. Fungal Biotechnology in Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Applications. Mycology Series, Vol. 21Marcel Dekker Inc (2004)

K. Esser & J.W. Bennett, Eds (Volume Editors J. E. Domer & G. S. Kobayashi)  The Mycota: A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research, Vol. XII Human Fungal PathogensSpringer (2004)

W.E. Dismukes, P.G. Pappas & J.D. Sobel, Eds  Clinical MycologyOxford University Press (2003)

K. Wolf, K. Breunig & G. Barth, Eds  Non-Conventional Yeasts in Genetics, Biochemistry and Biotechnology: Practical Protocols Springer (2003)

John Burnett  Fungal Populations and Species Oxford University Press (2003)

D. Moore & L.N. Frazer  Essential Fungal GeneticsSpringer (2002)

K.G. Mukerji, C. Manoharachary & B.P. Chamola, Eds  Techniques in Mycorrhizal StudiesKluwer Academic (2002)

R.A. Calderone, Ed. Candida and Candidiasis ASM Press (2001)

H.D. Osiewacz, Ed. Molecular Biology of Fungal Development. Mycology Series, Vol. 15 Marcel Dekker, Inc (2002)

D.H. Larone Medically Important Fungi: A Guide to Identification, 4th Edition ASM Press (2002)

R. Watling, J.C. Frankland, A.M. Ainsworth, S. Isaac & C.H. Robinson, Eds Tropical Mycology, Vol. 1, Macromycetes and Tropical Mycology, Vol. 2, Micromycetes CABI Publishing (2002)

T. Boekhout, V. Robert, M. Th. Smith, J. Stalpers, D. Yarrow, P. Boer, G. Gijswijt, C. P. Kurtzman, J. W. Fell, E. Guého, J. Guillot & I. Roberts Yeasts of the World: Morphology, Physiology, Sequences and Identification (CD-ROM) ETI Information Services Ltd (2002)

G.M. Gadd, Ed. Fungi in Bioremediation. British Mycological Society Symposium Series, Vol. 23 Cambridge University Press (2001)

K. Esser, Ed.; R.J. Howard & N.A.R. Gow, Volume Eds The Mycota. A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research. Vol. VIII: Biology of the Fungal Cell Springer-Verlag (2001)

K. Esser & J.W. Bennett, Eds; H. D. Osiewacz, Volume Ed. The Mycota. A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research. Vol. X: Industrial Applications Springer-Verlag (2002)

I. Kranner, R.P. Beckett & A.K. Varma, Eds Protocols in Lichenology. Culturing, Biochemistry, Ecophysiology and Use in Biomonitoring Springer-Verlag (2002)

M.J. Carlile, S.C. Watkinson & G.W. Gooday  The Fungi. Second EditionAcademic Press (2001)

A.A. Brakhage, B. Jahn & A. Schmidt, Eds  Aspergillus fumigatus: Biology, Clinical Aspects and Molecular Approaches to Pathogenicity. Contributions to Microbiology, Vol. 2Karger (1999)

T.M. Butt, C.W. Jackson & N. Magan, Eds  Fungi as Biocontrol Agents: Progress, Problems and PotentialCABI Publishing (2001)

P.M. Kirk, P.F. Cannon, J.C. David & J.A. Stalpers   Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi, Ninth EditionCAB International (2001)

R.A. Calderone & R.L. Cihlar, Eds  Fungal Pathogenesis: Principles and Clinical Applications. Mycology Series, Vol. 14Marcel Dekker (2001)

B. Hock, Volume Ed.; K. Esser & P.A. Lemke, Series Eds  The Mycota. A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research, Vol. 9. Fungal AssociationsSpringer-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (2001)

N. Talbot, Ed.  Molecular and Cellular Biology of Filamentous Fungi. A Practical ApproachOxford University Press (2001)

P. Fantes and J. Beggs, Eds   The Yeast Nucleus. Frontiers in Molecular Biology, Vol. 33Oxford University Press (2000)

M. Ulloa & R.T. Hanlin   Illustrated Dictionary of Mycology APS Press (2000)

D. Burke, D. Dawson & Tim Stearns   Methods in Yeast Genetics: A Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Course Manual, 2000 Edition Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2000)

P. Ribéreau-Gayon, D. Dubourdieu, B. Donèche & A. Lonvaud (Vol. 1)/P. Ribéreau-Gayon, Y.Glories, A. Maujean & D. Dubourdieu (Vol. 2)   Handbook of Enology: Vol. 1. The Microbiology of Wine and Vinifications; Vol. 2. The Chemistry of Wine Stabilization and Treatments John Wiley and Sons (2000)

K.G. Mukerji, B.P. Chamola & J. Singh, Eds    Mycorrhizal Biology Kluwer Academic/ Plenum (2000)

J.A. Barnett, R.W. Payne & D. Yarrow with L. Barnett  Yeasts: Characteristics and Identification, Third Edition Cambridge University Press (2000)

M.D. Richardson & E.M. Johnson  The Pocket Guide to Fungal Infection Blackwell Science (2000)

J.J. Worrall, Ed.  Structure and Dynamics of Fungal Populations. Population and Community Biology, Vol. 25 Kluwer Academic Publishers (1999)

N.A.R. Gow, G.D. Robson and G.M. Gadd, Eds  The Fungal Colony. British Mycological Society Symposium Series, Vol. 21 Published for the BMS by Cambridge University Press (1999)

R. Oliver and M. Schweizer, Eds  Molecular Fungal Biology Cambridge University Press (1999)

E. Schaechter  In the Company of Mushrooms: A Biologist's Tale Harvard University Press (1998)

P.D. Bridge, Y. Couteaudier and J. Clarkson, Eds  Molecular Variability of Fungal Pathogens CAB International (1998)

A. Adams, D.E. Gottschling, C.A. Kaiser and T. Stearns  Methods in Yeast Genetics. A Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Course Manual. 1997 Edition Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (1998)

D.R. Higgins and J.M. Cregg, Eds  Pichia Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 103 Humana Press (1998)

A. Varma, Ed.  Mycorrhiza Manual Springer-Verlag GmbH and Co. KG (1998)

K.K. Sinha and D. Bhatnagar, Eds  Mycotoxins in Agriculture and Food Safety Marcel Dekker Inc. (1998)

M.D. Richardson, D.W. Warnock and C.K. Campbell  Slide Atlas of Fungal Infection - The Set: Subcutaneous and Unusual Fungal Infections; Systemic Fungal Infections; Superficial Fungal Infections Blackwell Science Ltd (1995)

P.D. Bridge, D.K. Arora, C.A. Reddy and R.P. Elander, Eds Applications of PCR in Mycology CAB International (1998)

J.W. Deacon  Modern Mycology, Third Edition Blackwell Science (1997)

G.A. Fine  Morel Tales: The Culture of Mushrooming Harvard University Press (1998)

F. K. Zimmermann & K.-D. Entian (1997) Yeast Sugar Metabolism  Technomic Publishing Co. Inc.

Jack S. Remington & Morton N. Swartz (1996) Current Clinical Topics in Infectious Diseases  Blackwell Science Ltd

D. T. Wicklow & B. E. Söderström (1997) The Mycota. A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research  Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

J.R. Pringle, J.R. Broach & E.W. Jones (1997) The Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Yeast Saccharomyces  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

J.F.T. Spencer & D.M. Spencer (1997) Yeasts in Natural and Artificial Habitats  Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

T. Anke (1997) Fungal Biotechnology  Chapman & Hall

R. B. Wickner (1997) Prion Diseases of Mammals and Yeast: Molecular Mechanisms and Genetic Features  Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

M. D. Richardson & D. W. Warnock (1997) Fungal Infection - Diagnosis and Management  Blackwell Science Ltd

A. D. M. Rayner (1997) Degrees of Freedom  Imperial College Press

Elio Schaechter (1997) In the Company of Mushrooms  Harvard University Press

J. C. Frankland, N. Magan & G. M. Gadd (1996) Fungi and Environmental Change  Cambridge University Press

Klaus Wolf (1996) Nonconventional Yeasts in Biotechnology  Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co KG

Cees J. Bos (1996) Fungal Genetics. Principles and Practice  Marcel Dekker, Inc

R. Brambl & G.A. Marzluf (1996) The Mycota, Vol. III  Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Ivor H. Evans (1996) Yeast Protocols: Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology  Humana Press

Brian C. Sutton (1996) A Century of Mycology  Cambridge University Press

C.K. Campbell, E.M. Johnson, C.M. Philpot and D.W. Warnock (1996) Identification of Pathogenic Fungi Public Health Laboratory Service

Davise H. Larone (1995) Medically Important Fungi: A Guide to Identification Blackwell Science

J.R. Johnston (1994) Molecular Genetics of Yeast Oxford University Press

A.H. Moubasher (1993) Soil Fungi in Qatar and Other Arab Countries The Centre for Scientific and Applied Research

T.E. Brandrud, H. Lindström, H. Marklund, J. Melot and S. Muskos (1995) Cortinarius Flora Photographica Cortinarius HB

K. Esser and P.A. Lemke. Volume Editor U. Kück, Series Editors (1995) The Mycota Springer-Verlag GmbH and Co. KG

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