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SGM book reviews - Genetics and molecular biology

W.H. Majoros  Methods for Computational Gene Prediction Cambridge University Press (2007)

C. Howe  Gene Cloning and Manipulation Cambridge University Press (2007)

L. Snyder & W. Champness  Molecular Genetics of Bacteria, 3rd edn American Society for Microbiology (2007)

R. Hakenbeck & S. Chhatwal, Eds  Molecular Biology of Streptococci Taylor & Francis Group (2007)

R.M. Glaeser, K. Downing, D. DeRosier, W.Chiu & J. Frank  Electron Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules Oxford University Press (2007)

J.D. Watson, A.A. Caudy, R.M. Myers & J.A. Witkowski  Recombinant DNA Genes and Genomes - A Short Course Palgrave Macmillan Ltd (2007)

F.C. Cabello, D. Hulinska & H.P. Godfrey, Eds  Molecular Biology of Spirochetes IOS Press (2006)

R. Cammack, T.K. Attwood, P.N. Campbell, J.H. Parish, A.D. Smith, J.L. Stirling & F. Vella, Eds  Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Second Edition Oxford University Press (2006)

D. Tagu & C. Moussard  Techniques for Molecular Biology, Eds Science Publishers, Inc. (2006)

T. Coenye & P. Vandamme, Eds  Burkholderia Molecular Microbiology and Genomics Taylor & Francis Group (2007)

M.B Mathews, N. Sonenberg & J.W.B. Hershey, Eds  Translational Control in Biology and Medicine Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2007)

P.R. Jungblut & M. Hecker, Eds  Proteomics of Microbial Pathogens Wiley - VCH (2003)

T. Friedmann & J. Rossi, Eds  Gene Transfer: Delivery and Expression of DNA and RNA A Laboratory Manual Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Europe (2007)

J. Lodge, P. Lund & S. Minchin  Gene Cloning Principles and Applications Taylor & Francis Group (2006)

C. d'Enfert & B. Hube, Eds  Candida Comparative and Functional Genomics Caister Academic Press (2007)

N. Acheson  Fundamentals of Molecular Virology John Wiley & Sons Inc. (2006)

V.L. Chan, P.M. Sherman & B. Bourke, Eds  Bacterial Genomes and Infectious Diseases Humana Press (2006)

D. Nedelkov & R. W. Nelson, Eds  New and Emerging Proteomic Techniques Humana Press (2006)

Y.M. Dennis Lo, R.W.K. Chiu & K.C. Allen Chan, Eds  Clinical Applications of PCR, 2nd edn. Humana Press (2006)

T.A. Brown  Gene Cloning & DNA Analysis An Introduction Blackwell Publishing (2006)

S.B. Primrose & R.M. Twyman  Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics Seventh Edition Blackwell Publishing (2006)

R.F. Gesteland, T.R. Cech & J.F. Atkins, Eds  The RNA World, 3rd edn Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Europe (2006)

E.C. Friedberg, G.C. Walker, W. Siede, R.D. Wood, R.A. Schultz & T. Ellenberger  DNA Repair and Mutagenesis, 2nd edn. American Society for Microbiology (2005)

P. Mullany, Ed.  The Dynamic Bacterial Genome Cambridge University Press (2005)

G.G. Carmichael, Ed.  RNA Silencing Methods and ProtocolsHumana Press (2005)

D.C. Amberg, D.J. Burke & J.N. Strathern  Methods in Yeast Genetics 2005 EditionCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2005)

K. Wilson & J. Walker, Eds  Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyCambridge University Press (2005)

J.M. Walker, Ed.  The Proteomics Protocols HandbookHumana Press (2005)

A. Lax, Ed.  Bacterial Protein Toxins: Role in the Interference with Cell Growth RegulationCambridge University Press (2005)

S.M. Wang, Ed.  SAGE: Current Technologies and ApplicationsHorizon Bioscience (2005)

E. Ricca, A.O. Henriques & S.M. Cutting, Eds  Bacterial Spore Formers: Probiotics and Emerging ApplicationsHorizon Bioscience (2004)

K. Appasani, Ed.  RNA Interference Technology:
From Basic Science to Drug Development
Cambridge University Press (2005)

J.M. Ketley & M.E. Konkel, Eds  Campylobacter: Molecular and Cellular BiologyHorizon Bioscience (2005)

I. Ignacio López-Goñi and Ignacio Moriyón, Eds  Brucella: Molecular and Cellular BiologyHorizon Bioscience (2004)

E. Carniel & B.J. Hinnebusch, Eds  Yersinia: Molecular and Cellular BiologyHorizon Bioscience (2004)

G.H. Liang & D.Z. Skinner, Eds  Genetically Modified Crops: Their Development, Uses, and RisksThe Haworth Press Inc (2004)

N.P. Higgins, Ed.  The Bacterial ChromosomeAmerican Society for Microbiology (2004)

N. Woodford & A.P. Johnson, Eds  Genomics, Proteomics, and Clinical Bacteriology: Methods and Reviews. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 266Humana Press (2004)

S.E. Melville, Ed.  Parasite Genomics Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 270Humana Press (2004)

S.R. Parekh, Ed.  The GMO Handbook: Genetically Modified Animals, Microbes and Plants in BiotechnologyHumana Press (2004)

B.E. Funnell & G.J. Phillips, Eds  Plasmid BiologyAmerican Society for Microbiology (2004)

S.B. Primrose & R. M. Twyman  Genomics: Applications In Human BiologyBlackwell Publishing (2003)

J. Zhou, D.K. Thompson, Y. Xu & J.M. Tiedje  Microbial Functional GenomicsWiley-Liss (2004)

V.G. Wilson, Ed.  Sumoylation: Molecular Biology and BiochemistryHorizon Bioscience (2004)

V.V. Demidov & N.E. Broude, Eds  DNA Amplification: Current Technologies and ApplicationsHorizon Bioscience (2004)

S. Lorkowski & P. Cullen, Eds  Analysing Gene Expression. A Handbook of Methods: Possibilities and Pitfalls, Vols 1 & 2Wiley-VCH (2002)

N. Sharon & H. Lis  Lectins, Second EditionKluwer Academic (2003)

S.J. Flint, L.W. Enquist, V.R. Racaniello & A.M. Skalka  Principles of Virology: Molecular Biology, Pathogenesis, and Control of Animal VirusesAmerican Society for Microbiology (2004)

L. Snyder & W. Champness  Molecular Genetics of Bacteria, Second EditionAmerican Society for Microbiology (2002)

A. Ullman, Ed.  Origins of Molecular Biology: A Tribute to Jacques Monod. Revised EditionAmerican Society for Microbiology (2003)

B.N. Kholodenko & H.V. Westerhoff, Eds  Metabolic Engineering in the Post Genomic EraHorizon Bioscience (2004)

A.T. Sumner  Chromosomes: Organization and FunctionBlackwell Publishing (2003)

A.R.M. Coates, Ed.  Dormancy and Low-Growth States in Microbial Disease. Advances in Molecular and Cellular Microbiology 3Cambridge University Press (2003)

N. Casali & A. Preston, Eds  E. coli Plasmid Vectors: Methods and Applications. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 235Humana Press (2003)

R.H. Davis  The Microbial Models of Molecular Biology: From Genes to GenomesOxford University Press (2003)

G.J. Hannon, Ed.  RNAi: A Guide to Gene SilencingCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2003)

J.M.S Bartlett & D. Stirling, Eds  PCR Protocols, Second Edition. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 226 Humana Press (2003)

I. Dunham  Genome Mapping and Sequencing Horizon Scientific (2003)

S.-Y. Ying, Ed.  Generation of cDNA Libraries: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 221 Humana Press (2003)

Alison Thomas  Introducing Genetics: From Mendel to Molecule Nelson Thornes (2003)

A. Danchin, Ed.  Genomics of GC-Rich Gram-Positive Bacteria. Functional Genomics Series, Vol. 2 Caister Academic Press (2002)

S.B. Primrose & R.M. Twyman  Principles of Genome Analysis and Genomics, Third Edition Blackwell Publishing (2002)

M.Y. Galperin & E.V. Koonin, Eds  Frontiers in Computational Genomics. Functional Genomics Series, Vol. 3Caister Academic Press (2002)

P.E. Vaillancourt, Ed.  E. coli Gene Expression Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology Vol. 205Humana Press (2002)

D.S. Latchman  Gene Regulation: a Eukaryotic Perspective. Fourth Edition Nelson Thornes (2002)

D. Moore & L.N. Frazer  Essential Fungal GeneticsSpringer (2002)

M.A. de Muro & R. Rapley, Eds  Gene Probes: Principles and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology Vol. 179Humana Press (2001)

U.N. Streips & R.E. Yasbin, Eds  Modern Microbial Genetics, Second EditionWiley-Liss (2002)

S. de Chadarevian  Designs for Life: Molecular Biology after World War IICambridge University Press (2002)

Brenda Maddox  Rosalind Franklin. The Dark Lady of DNAHarper Collins (2002)

M. Yudell & R. DeSalle, Eds  The Genomic Revolution: Unveiling the Unity of LifeJoseph Henry Press (2002)

N.L. Craig, R. Craigie, M. Gellert & A.M. Lambowitz, Eds  Mobile DNA IIAmerican Society for Microbiology (2002)

D.J. Galas & S.J. McCormack, Eds  Genomic Technologies: Present and Future. Functional Genomics Series, Vol. 1Caister Academic Press (2002)

C.M.Thomas, Ed. The Horizontal Gene Pool: Bacterial Plasmids and Gene Spread Harwood Academic (2000)

I.N.M. Day, Ed. Molecular Genetic Epidemiology - A Laboratory Perspective. Principles and Practice Series Springer-Verlag (2002)

B.R. Jordan, Ed. DNA Microarrays: Gene Expression Applications. Principles and Practice Springer-Verlag (2001)

S.B. Primrose, R.M. Twyman & R.W. Old Principles of Gene Manipulation, Sixth Edition Blackwell Science (2001)

D.A. Hodgson & C.M. Thomas, Eds  SGM Symposium Vol. 61
Signals, Switches, Regulons and Cascades: Control of Bacterial Gene Expression
Cambridge University Press (2002)

H.L.T. Mobley, G.L. Mendz & S.L. Hazell, Eds  Helicobacter pylori: Physiology and GeneticsASM Press (2001)

N. Talbot, Ed.  Molecular and Cellular Biology of Filamentous Fungi. A Practical ApproachOxford University Press (2001)

W. Maas  Gene Action: A Historical AccountOxford University Press (2001)

W. Schumann, S.D. Ehrlich and N. Ogasawara, Eds   Functional Analysis of Bacterial Genes: A Practical ManualJohn Wiley & Sons Ltd (2001)

P. James   Proteome Research: Mass SpectrometrySpringer-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (2001)

M. Inouye & K. Yamanaka   Cold Shock: Response and Adaptation Horizon Scientific Press (2000)

N. Sonenberg, J.W.B. Hershey & M.B. Mathews, Eds   Translational Control of Gene Expression. Monograph 39 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (2000)

G. Banting & S.J. Higgins, Eds   Molecular Motors. Essays in Biochemistry, Vol. 35 Portland Press (2000)

D. P. Clark & L.D. Russell   Molecular Biology Made Simple and Fun, 2nd Edition Cache River Press (2000)

T. Kieser, M.J. Bibb, M.J. Buttner, K.F. Chater & D.A. Hopwood   Practical Streptomyces Genetics The John Innes Foundation (2000)

S. Surzycki   Basic Techniques in Molecular Biology Springer-Verlag (2000)

C. Schneider, Ed.   Chaperonin Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 140 Humana Press (2000)

R. Rapley, Ed.   The Nucleic Acid Protocols Handbook Humana Press (2000)

C.K. Mathews, K.E. van Holde & K.G. Ahern  Biochemistry, Third Edition Benjamin/Cummings (2000) D/B Pearson Education

P.J. Smith & C. Jones, Eds  DNA Recombination and Repair. Frontiers in Molecular Biology, No. 22 Oxford University Press (1999)

S. Baumberg, Ed.  Prokaryotic Gene Expression: Frontiers in Molecular Biology, Vol. 21 Oxford University Press (1999)

M. Schena  DNA Microarrays: A Practical Approach. Practical Approach Series No. 205 Oxford University Press (1999)

J.J. Rossi & L.A. Couture, Eds  Intracellular Ribozyme Applications: Principles and Protocols Horizon Scientific Press (1999)

M.C.M. Smith & R.E. Sockett, Eds  Genetic Methods for Diverse Prokaryotes. Methods in Microbiology, Vol. 29 Academic Press Inc (1999)

A.J. Link, Ed.  2-D Proteome Analysis Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 112 Humana Press (1999)

M. Jenkins  Teach Yourself Genetics Hodder and Stoughton Educational (1998)

T.K. Attwood and D.J. Parry-Smith  Introduction to Bioinformatics. Cell and Molecular Biology in Action Series Addison Wesley Longman (1999)

R. Martin, Ed.  Protein Synthesis: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 77 Humana Press (1998).

R. Oliver and M. Schweizer, Eds  Molecular Fungal Biology Cambridge University Press (1999)

P.E. Nielsen and M. Egholm, Eds  Peptide Nucleic Acids: Protocols and Applications Horizon Scientific Press (1999)

M.-A. Bjornsti and N. Osheroff, Eds  DNA Topoisomerase Protocols, Vol. 1: DNA Topology and Enzymes. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 94 Humana Press (1999)

B. Kochanowski and U.Reischl, Eds  Quantitative PCR Protocols. Methods in Molecular Medicine, Vol. 26 Humana Press (1999)

B.R. Glick and J.J. Pasternak  Molecular Biotechnology. Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA, 2nd Edition ASM Press (1998)

C.S. Herrington and J.J. O'Leary, Eds  PCR 3. PCR In situ Hybridization. A Practical Approach. The Practical Approach Series No. 186 IRL Press at Oxford University Press

J.K. Setlow, Ed.  Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods, Vol. 20 Plenum Publishing Corporation (1998)

D.S. Latchman  Gene Regulation. A Eukaryotic Perspective. Third Edition Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd (1998)

J.A. Nickoloff and M.F. Hoekstra, Eds  DNA Damage and Repair, Vol. 2: DNA Repair in Higher Eukaryotes. Contemporary Cancer Research Humana Press (1998)

N.K. Spurr, B.D. Young and S.P. Bryant, Eds  ICRF Handbook of Genome Analysis, Vols 1 and 2 Blackwell Science (1998)

J.J. Ferretti, M.S. Gilmore, T.R. Klaenhammer and F. Brown, Eds  Genetics of Streptococci, Enterococci and Lactococci. Developments in Biological Standardization, Vol. 85 S. Karger AG, Basel (1995)

A.D. Smith, S.P. Datta, G. Howard Smith, P.N. Campbell, R. Bentley and H.A. McKenzie, Eds  Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Oxford University Press (1997)

L. Snyder and W. Champness  Molecular Genetics of Bacteria ASM Press (1997)

K. Horikoshi, M. Fukuda and T. Kudo, Eds  Microbial Diversity and Genetics of Biodegradation S. Karger AG, Basel (1997)

Benjamin Lewin  Genes VI Oxford University Press (1997)

S.S. Rothman, Ed.  Membrane Protein Transport. A Multi-Volume Treatise, Vol. 3 JAI Press Inc (1996)

J.A. Nickoloff and M.F. Hoekstra, Eds  DNA Damage and Repair, Vol. 1: DNA Repair in Prokaryotes and Lower Eukaryotes. Contemporary Cancer Research Series Humana Press (1998)

J.M. Walker, Ed.  Protein Protocols on CD-ROM Humana Press (1998)

C. Lichtenstein and W. Nellen, Eds  Antisense Technology. A Practical Approach. The Practical Approach Series No. 185 IRL Press at Oxford University Press (1997)

K.R. Fox, Ed.  Drug-DNA Interaction Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 90 Humana Press (1997)

D.L. Kirk  Volvox. Molecular-Genetic Origins of Multicellularity and Cellular Differentiation Cambridge University Press (1998)

A.J. Pawson, Ed.  Protein Modules in Signal Transduction. Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, Vol. 228 Springer-Verlag GmbH and Co. KG (1998)

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