Who's Who   Council

Council consists of six Officers (chosen by Council) and seven Members elected by postal ballot of all Ordinary Members of the Society. The current Officers and Members are as follows.

  • The President (who chairs Council meetings): Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, University of Swansea
  • General Secretary: Professor David Blackbourn, University of Birmingham
  • Treasurer: Professor Colin Harwood, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Scientific Meetings Officer: Dr Evelyn Doyle, University College Dublin
  • Education and Public Affairs Officer: Professor Joanna Verran, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Publications Officer: Professor Howard Jenkinson, University of Bristol
  • Current Elected Members
    • Professor Nigel Brown, University of Edinburgh
    • Professor Mark Harris, University of Leeds
    • Professor Ian Henderson, University of Birmingham
    • Dr Paul Hoskisson, University of Strathclyde
    • Dr Karen Robinson, University of Nottingham
    • Dr Gary Rowley, University of East Anglia
    • Professor John Sinclair, University of Cambridge
  • In Attendance
    • Chief Executive: Dr Simon Festing
    • Head of Finance and Administration: Suzanne Beaumont
    • Head of Communications: Dariel Burdass
    • Head of Journal Publishing: Dr Robin Dunford
    • Head of Membership Activities: Dr Jane Westwell

Council meeting dates and minutes

For reasons of openness, and to encourage an interest in the affairs of the Society, the Council of SGM has agreed to publish its minutes (see below).

Some information may be redacted for reasons of confidentiality. This is likely to be information of a personal or commercially sensitive nature. In such cases, a note to indicate this will be inserted into the redacted version of the minutes. Minutes will normally be published sometime after they have been approved at the subsequent Council meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 8 July 2011 are available here (PDF). The minutes of the extraordinary meeting also held on 8 July 2011 are available here (PDF).

The minutes of the meeting held on 4 November 2011 will be available after 10 February 2012.

Future Council meetings for 2012 will be held on 10 February, 27 April, 6 July and 9 November.